Brazil? Or Buttzil?

Maia and I just finished watching an Anthony Bourdain episode shot at a coastal area of Brazil. Lots of beaches and … other stuff. Afterwards Maia declared, “They should call it Buttzil.”

Yes. Yes they should.

The little patriot

Maia’s new thing is singing the national anthem.

“Oh-h-h say can you seeeee, by the dawn’s early lighhht!
What so prouuuudly we … mumble, mumble, mumble.
Mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble.


Mumble, mumble …

Oh-h-h say does that Star-Spangled Banner mumble waa-ave.
O’er the laand of the FREEEEEEEE!
And the home of the brave!”

And then the kicker:

“What’s up, America?”

Worst Christmas ever

A sleepy Maia accidentally pulled the head off her favorite doll and is now saying between sobs,

“You … were … the … best … doll … ever. This … is … the … worst … Christmas … ever.”

This is when being a parent is most challenging – trying not to smile while consoling her until she falls asleep.

Don King Kong

Maia, before a game of Toss Across with me:

“It’s on like Don King Kong.”

(No, she doesn’t know who Don King is, so I suppose it might have been “Dawn King Kong”.)

Time Flies

Watching Adele’s “Hello” video with Maia …

Maia: This video reminds me of a long time ago.
Me: A long time ago? When?
Maia: Like, when I was five.

My Precious

I made beef stroganoff this evening, which apparently is one of Maia’s favorites. I put her plate down in front her and she lowered her face to about two inches of her food and told it,

“You are my precious.”

Red Noses Matter

Maia’s not very happy about the turn of events in tonight’s program …

“Just because he has a red nose doesn’t mean he can’t play in the reindeer games!”