Maia Jumps Out of the Pool

I downloaded the Reverse Movie FX app on my phone and Maia and I played around with it filming videos in the swimming pool over the weekend. This is one brief example of our “work”. I imagine we’ll come up with more creative ideas as time allows.

Still my little girl

Just when I start to worry that Maia is moving a little too rapidly towards independence, she goes and makes something like this.

Brazil? Or Buttzil?

Maia and I just finished watching an Anthony Bourdain episode shot at a coastal area of Brazil. Lots of beaches and … other stuff. Afterwards Maia declared, “They should call it Buttzil.”

Yes. Yes they should.

The little patriot

Maia’s new thing is singing the national anthem.

“Oh-h-h say can you seeeee, by the dawn’s early lighhht!
What so prouuuudly we … mumble, mumble, mumble.
Mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble.


Mumble, mumble …

Oh-h-h say does that Star-Spangled Banner mumble waa-ave.
O’er the laand of the FREEEEEEEE!
And the home of the brave!”

And then the kicker:

“What’s up, America?”

Worst Christmas ever

A sleepy Maia accidentally pulled the head off her favorite doll and is now saying between sobs,

“You … were … the … best … doll … ever. This … is … the … worst … Christmas … ever.”

This is when being a parent is most challenging – trying not to smile while consoling her until she falls asleep.

Don King Kong

Maia, before a game of Toss Across with me:

“It’s on like Don King Kong.”

(No, she doesn’t know who Don King is, so I suppose it might have been “Dawn King Kong”.)

Time Flies

Watching Adele’s “Hello” video with Maia …

Maia: This video reminds me of a long time ago.
Me: A long time ago? When?
Maia: Like, when I was five.