My name is Scott. I’m a single dad of a nine-year-old girl. (Her name is Maia.) We live in Southern California. Oh, and we have a cat named Rosie. (Her full name is Rosie Butterfly Shinelight; in case you couldn’t guess, Maia named her.)

I have lived, in reverse order, Washington state, Vietnam, South Korea, Germany, Missouri, Maryland.

I’ve had a pretty nomadic life, but I guess I’d say Washington state is home home. I’d be surprised if I ever ended up living there again though. Where I really want to be is overseas.

I work at a university in California as an adviser to international students in the U.S. on non-immigrant visas (primarily F or J visas).

So what is this blog about? That’s a good question. It’s evolving, but the short answer is I’m going to blog about topics that I enjoy or that interest me.

The plan is to intersperse short spontaneous posts like conversations with Maia, photos and/or videos of newly discovered foods, restaurants, or cooking methods, interesting things that I find on the Internet or in real life that I want to share, and maybe an occasional recollection from the past …

… with longer, more thought out posts – posts that I put some thought and research into – on topics like locales and traditions around the world, geopolitical and/or historical subjects, movie and book reviews, and summaries of places visited in California, the greater U.S., and abroad.

My reasons for blogging are to 1) prod myself to learn new things and develop and organize my thoughts about them, 2) clean the rust off my prose, 3) provide a vehicle to practice my photography and video editing hobbies, and 4) register a chronicle of my life that I can look back on before (and maybe after) my mental faculties fade.

And 5) make new friends around the world. Welcome!