Kimchi fried rice

I’ve decided to start a new category called “food” and my first inclusion is one of my favorite Korean dishes – “Kimchi Fried Rice“. Actually, I want to spend a little more time preparing some of my favorite dishes from Asia as a way to rekindle some of the memories of my time there and I figured I should include them in the blog as well.

To make Kimchi Fried Rice, you obviously must start with kimchi and rice. You’ll want to choose a sliced cabbage kimchi, the level of spiciness really depends on what you can handle. For your rice, the key is to use rice that has been sitting in the rice cooker for a day or two. You don’t want to use freshly cooked rice. This goes for any fried rice recipe.

For a fairly large single serving, I heated the pan to about 375 degrees and added about a tablespoon of cooking oil. After heating the oil, I added about one cup of kimchi and a cup and a half of rice, stirred it until most of the rice absorbed the kimchi’s reddish color, then added about two ounces of diced Spam. That’s right, Spam. Koreans have been eating Spam since American soldiers passed out cans of it during the Korean War and they love it. And I love it too … at least in my kimchi fried rice. However, you can easily substitute ham, tuna fish, pork, chicken, or beef if it suits you.

I stirred in the Spam for a couple of minutes before adding a small dollop of red pepper paste, or “gochu jjang” (actually, this is the first time that I added this paste and it is not normally included, but I quite liked the flavor). After thoroughly stirring in the pepper paste, I added a teaspoon of sesame seed oil. Again, some vigorous stirring and voila – I had this beautiful meal before me.

Kimchi Fried RiceTo me, this was enough flavor, but you could also add other vegetables like onions, peppers, carrots, or zucchini if you wish.

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