Exercise and My Physical and Mental Health

Just finished another walk – 2.2 miles this time. I started taking these walks a few days ago as a way to tackle my poor physical health (re: Mr. Tubby), but I’m discovering that they’re having a more immediate positive impact on my *mental* health. As I stroll through residential streets, the sights, sounds, and smells of Spokane suburbia are like a bellow to the embers of America that I’m moderately surprised to discover still existed in my soul. Big, blue skies. Expansive parks (with softball fields!). Freshly cut grass. The sound of a soft wind blowing through the pine trees. Dumb adolescents talking about dumb, summer-vacation things (like a dumb, adolescent Scott once did). Lawn mowers and edgers. The scent of pine needles and bark and freshly-lit Kingsford briquettes (though not all at once, mind you).

Spokane Valley 01 Spokane Valley 02

4 thoughts on “Exercise and My Physical and Mental Health”

  1. Great description, and good for you. It is nice when there is a synergy between getting out and walking/being active physically and the creative mind. As you say, it refreshes the soul. Enjoy your time home.

  2. Thanks. The thing I like about exercises like walking and jogging is that they clear my mind, which allows for the creative process to take over. Oftentimes, the creative process is nothing more than just letting the senses take over.

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