Long Bien Bridge

The story behind this photo: I set up my tripod in a fairly isolated area on the east side of the Red River to take this pic. The only sign of life was a group of men drinking at a bia hoi that sat on the opposite side of the road running along the river bank. Two of the men strayed over to see what I was up to. I must admit I was a little apprehensive. They were a little drunk and – the area being isolated – I contemplated what I would do should they try to make off with my equipment. As it turned out, they were both nice enough fellows; though they weren’t too helpful suggesting that I’d get a better picture if I held the camera in my hands. I tried to explain to them in my limited Vietnamese that the slow shutter speed wouldn’t allow a good hand-held shot, but I’m afraid I failed to get the point across as they suggested three or four more times that I should take the camera off the tripod.

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