Girl on Bicycle

I bought a second-hand Nikon D90, along with a Sigma 18-200mm lens, yesterday. I previously owned a D40 with a kit lens. It was enough to piqué my interest in photography. I broke the kit lens a couple of months ago and intended to replace it, but then I saw an advertisement for the D90 and the Sigma lens for $650 and thought it was too good to pass up.

I’m still not very good at photography, as you can observe from my unsteady hand in this photo. I took this at lunch while sitting at a café across from the school where I work. There are literally hundreds of motorbikes and bicycles passing by at all hours of the day. The subject of this photo is slightly blurry, but I still like it. I think it offers a certain mood. With more practice, I hope improve my skill – because there are a lot of photo-worthy subjects in Ha Noi.

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