Trip to Hanoi, Halong Bay, and more in Vietnam 2008

One thing I regret about my time in Asia is not shooting more video. I shot plenty, mind you, but I wish that a) cheap (and more portable) digital video technology had been around from the mid-’90s (especially during the 2002 World Cup); and b) that I had carried my video camera around with me all the time.

I love photography too, but there is something about video capturing the movement and sounds that takes me back to the moment just a little more.

I shot all of this video on a cultural exchange trip to Vietnam between the school in Korea where I worked and her sister school in Hanoi. In this case, I did indeed carry pretty much carry the video camera with me all the time.

It’s a long video (38 minutes plus) and you may not want to watch all of it (though, personally, I think it’s all worth watching), so let me break it down for you:

0:00 – Scenery of rice paddies, Halong Bay, rural Vietnam, and Hanoi’s Old Quarter

1:05 – Korean students at Incheon and Hanoi airports

1:57 – Korean and Vietnamese students (and teachers)

4:09 – Thang Long Water Puppet Theater in Hanoi

7:19 – Hanoi’s alleyways and crazy traffic

8:39 – Traveling in the countryside (rice fields, students on the bus teaching each other their native songs)

9:16 – Visit to a Vietnamese orphanage in the countryside

13:50 – Korean-Vietnamese cultural exchange show at Hanoi-Amsterdam High School

21:25 – More crazy Hanoi traffic

21:57 – More bus ride through the countryside (on the way to Halong Bay)

22:17 – Stop at a road side fruit stand

24:20 – Halong Bay

29:03 – More bus ride (this time to a ceramics factory)

29:43 – Quang Vinh Ceramic Company

30:40 – Dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant

31:10 – Back in Hanoi, visit to a woven-goods (?) store

32:32 – Visit to a furniture factory

33:36 – Farewell dinner at a Vietnamese buffet restaurant

35:02 – The good-byes begin

37:29 – Credits

One thought on “Trip to Hanoi, Halong Bay, and more in Vietnam 2008”

  1. Agree, there was a time (and only one time) I had to cart around a DSLR camera and a video camera…absolutely crazy. These days, video capability is amazing, and while I am a still-photography guy, there are times where video captures so much more. A good example of this is the puppet show & even better the good-byes (along with music), video can offer so much more. Great post!

    What type of video equipment do you use now?

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